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Peat cutting in recent times

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During  WW2, fuel in the form of imported coal and oil were in short supply and this consequently expedited the utilization of local peat.  The area around Bølling Lake is one of such areas where peat has been dug for decades. During the occupation 1940-45, peat digging was intensified. By 1950, the industrial exploitation of the bogs had faded but it was still common for individuals to have a bog plot where they dug peat for their own use. It was thus peat and not antiquities, which brought the Højgaard famlily to Bjældskovdal on May 6, 1950.

Bjældskovdal set fra luften i 1954, 4 år efter fundet af Tollundmanden.

Bjældskovdal seen from above in 1954.